We help startups in all stages grow. Together we can boost the Circular Economy to build a better future.

Our three programmes and the CE Support Desk are all circled around one idea: use the value others can add to you business. We spend time leveraging our circular network and are determined to help you by making amazing connections with the right mentors, experts and other entrepreneurs.

CE Booster started in 2015 and is powered by SMO (Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming), Het Groene Brein and the Dutch Centres for Entrepreneurship.

‘Since 2015, there is no getting away of circular entrepreneurship. Fortunately, the throwaway economy is disappearing gradually. Many ‘circular’ entrepreneurs in my network effectuate steady growth and make a fine margin of profit. Increasingly, entrepreneurship, circular thinking and making profit proves itself as an excellent combination.’ –  Kees de Jong, Entrepreneur

‘We can’t promise to make you the most successful entrepreneur in the world. But we can promise that if you use the options available at CE BOOSTER, you are way ahead of the competition. So get business, get out of your comfort zone, get out of the building and learn the most of this experience.’ – Hendrik Halbe, director SMO

‘Sustainable firms are the front runners when it comes to circular solutions. Integral business models are going to make the changes that are much-needed for a circular economy.’Antoine Heideveld, Director Het Groene Brein

‘ For me the circular economy is a way to make the Netherlands more attractive, competitive, resource efficient, resilient and inclusive. Yet there are more advantages. By working in local, cross-sectoral and diverse teams on circular projects new dynamics arise, such as a more energetic society and new inspiration for innovations. First within the Netherlands, later also across borders.’ – Freek van Eijk, Boardmember SMO

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