Marga Hoek

“We have to transform in an economy in which we make use of things instead of exhausting them; our ambition has to be to not bring damage, but to strengthen the economy durably.” Sustainable entrepreneurship fits Marga Hoek like a glove. Besides her work at De Groene Zaak she is Chairman of the Board of Het Groene Brein since November 2013..

Gijs van Lookeren Campagne

“The sale of services rather than products is the future.” Gijs van Lookeren Campagne was born in Groningen and has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 1995 Gijs van Lookeren Campagne and his partner Jan Borghuis came up with the concept of Greenwheels, now the biggest and most..

Kees de Jong

“Since 2015, there is no getting away of circular entrepreneurship. Fortunately, the throwaway economy is disappearing gradually. Many ‘circular’ entrepreneurs in my network effectuate steady growth and make a fine margin of profit. Increasingly, entrepreneurship, circular thinking and making profit proves itself as an excellent combination.”  Kees de Jong is entrepreneur..

Maurits Groen

“Startups fulfil an important role in our society. They offer new elan, perspectives and the realization of innovation.” As a serial sustainability entrepreneur, writer, experienced consultant and hands-on performer of sustainability policy and communication strategy, Maurits Groen holds the second position in the Sustainable Top..

Freek van Eijk

“For me the circular economy is a way to make the Netherlands more attractive, competitive, resource efficient, resilient and inclusive. Yet there are more advantages. By working in local, cross-sectoral and diverse teams on circular projects new dynamics arise, such as a more energetic society and new inspiration for innovations. First within the Netherlands..

Jan Borghuis

“If entrepreneurship was a game, sustainable enterprises would be the champions.” From their students dorms, Jan Borghuis and his partner Gijs van Lookeren Campagne came up with the concept of Greenwheels – now the biggest and most successful car sharing company of the Netherlands and Germany. They recently decided to venture into the..

Hendrik Halbe

“Via the CE Booster you will get access to a unique national network of experts and coaches” Hendrik Halbe is passionate about inspiring, supporting and educating the leading entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Currently he is active as director of SMO, an organisation that accelerates the realisation of societal ambitions by ignalling and..

Nadine Bongaerts

“It should be self-evident that entrepreneurship is circular entrepreneurship.” Nadine Bongaerts studies Biotechnology at the TU Delft. Her graduate project is about the  creation of ‘bio-inspired’ materials with the help of genetically modified bacteria. During her studies she founded the science communication agency Biotecture in 2011, to actively share..


Jan Peter Everhard

“A zeppelin cruise along Europe? It can become reality!” During his time as sustainability coordinator at the ministry of Economic Affairs, Jan Peter has developed himself as a green entrepreneur. In 2008 and 2010 he organized Zeppelin cruises to the Randstad with (silent) flights starting at Rotterdam Airport. All the materials of the Zeppelin..

Harry Derksen

For ten years Derksen worked in several African countries and there learned that technology is only successful when it is adapted to the local context. Derksen worked for SNV, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in refugee camps in South Africa before he started to work at ICCO, his current job. He was the Director of the R&D department.. 

Ludwine Dekker

Ludwine Dekkers believes that innovation is the key to remain relevant, and that it takes knowledge, people management, ownership and action to successfully implement and benefit from change processes. She has been named the number 11 crowdfunding expert. Furthermore, she is owner of Business Legends, which sets up entrepreneurial..

Elias Crum

Elias Crum is the creative and passionate founder of Marketing Guys. He has extensive experience in sales and marketing on tactical and strategic level. Crum has worked for KPN, XS4ALL and Ram Mobile Data, amongst others. In 2005, he received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Marketing track. Currently, six people work..

Arne Hulstein

“Sustainability is no choice, it is a must for success in our direct future. The economy should encompass the circular economy. With a combination of the ‘makers movement’ and peer-to-peer sharing, this will lead to better business models in comparison with non-sustainable business models.” Hulstein believes that new technologies are the new continents of our..

Antoine Heideveld

“Sustainable firms are the frontrunners when it comes to circular solutions. Integral business models are going to make the changes that are much-needed for a circular economy.” Antione always tries to make links between education, science and sustainable development. He has nine years of experience as Sustainable Development Professor at the University..

Christiaan Kraaijenhagen

“Start-ups play an important role in the transition to a circular economy by being successful in the market as well as by making a positive ecological and social impact.” Christiaan Kraaijenhagen is an entrepreneur and innovation strategist. He is passionate about helping startups and companies to make a profit by giving innovations a boost and..

Esther Lokhorst

“I’m driven to help companies to actualise their ambitions. My knowledge and experience in the industry give me the opportunity tp support entrepreneurs in their business development.” Esther has fifteen years of experience in business consulting within the industries of manufacturing, chemistry, IT, services and energy. Also, Lokhorst is mentor..

Jan Miltenburg

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” According to Miltenburg, he has enjoyed the ‘university of life’ for 56 years. From education to corporate life, from an operational role to ultimate responsibility, and from generalist to specialist at Trusted Advisor. Supporting enterprises and people during complex transitions have his..

Igor Kluin

“Sustainable entrepreneurship has become a nonsensical term. If you’re still not thinking about making your company more sustainable, it wil cease to exist in the near future.” Igor Kluin, Winner of the NPL 2007 Green Challenge, is founder of Gurrent (local renewable energy); ad-agency De Reclame Divisie and Co-founder of De Groende Zaak..

Cheyenne Schuit

“I believe that true innovation starts with reinventing business models and in particularly the value proposition. Once designs become more meaningful to users and companies, it is no longer a dilemma to choose the circular alternative above the often cheaper linear one.” With a lot of enthusiasm, passion and devotion Cheyenne Schuit likes to..

Joppe ter Meer

“The question is not ‘will you succeed?’ but rather ‘will you matter?” Social entrepreneurship in the broadest sense: from circular economy to profitable entrepreneurship with a social flavour. As Research Consultant at the Rotterdam School of Management, Ter Meer uses theory that is directly applicable in daily life. Positioning, structuring, scaling up..

Douwe Jan Joustra

Works on inspiration, implementation and innovation on circular business- and policy development. Joustra identifies trending topics in circular economy and sustainability and translates these to businesses and governments. Joustra always has a focus on the next stept. Currently he is chairman of the Amsterdam Resilience Collective and..

Tabitha Mann

In her rol as a Strategic Advisor and project manager Tabitha connects universities, knowledge institutes, cities and companies to join forces to select and initiate cleantech initiatives. She is experienced in developing new combinations of know-how and partnerships in the region Delft, Rotterdam and Drechtsteden. With her background as..

Fred van Beuningen

Fred van Beuningen, Executive Director at Clean Tech Delta, has 25 years of international management and board experience in companies like Royal Dutch Shell, Hoek Loos and AkzoNobel. His industry experience ranges from oil, chemicals and industrial gas to packaging, logistics and shipping. Sustainability – circular and bio..

Loes van Wifferen

Loes van Wifferen is Account Manager at CrowdAboutNow, which is one of the first crowdfundingsplatforms in the Netherlands. She helps entrepreneurs to find and activate their crowds in order to realize their ambitions. CrowdAboutNow assists with funding and increasing the networks and visibility of the enterprises. Loes has finished..

Henk Vooijs

Vooijs is Sector Manager at Rotterdam Partners, an organization that has the objective of strengthening the economy of Rotterdam and the region. The success of Rotterdam’s innovation ecosystem is for a large part the success of active collaboration between government, companies, incubators, financers, and knowledge institutions..

Jeroen Hinfelaar

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Jeroen Hinfelaar MSc is an experienced strategy advisor, manager and entrepreneur. He is Strategy Consultant at Nuovalente – ‘new values, new business models’ – and a fervent supporter of a circular economy. He thinks macro, acts micro and inspires companies to design and kick-start..

Jeroen van der Heijden

Dr. Jeroen van der Heijden works at the intersections of regulation and governance, policy change, and urban development and transformation. Besides his position as Associate Professor Environmental Governance at the Amsterdam Law School (UvA), he is Senior Research Fellow at the School of Regulation and Global Governance..

Geanne van Arkel

Geanne van Arkel is Head of Sustainable Development at Interface. “Everyone can be the difference”: Geanne is a passionate ‘intrapreneur’ who knows how to connect people both internal and external. In a personal way, she manages to convey the meaning of sustainability by encouraging..

Cees Buisman

Professor Cees J.N. Buisman holds a MsC and PhD degree from Wageningen University. Currently, since 2003, he is Professor at the sub department of Environmental Technology at Wageningen University in the field of biological reuse and recovery technology. The current focal point..

Sanderine van Odijk

“We need bold and courageous entrepreneurs to transform our economy to a circular one.” Sanderine is actively engaged in the field of Circular Economy as consultant and developer of new projects at Metabolic, a systems consulting and cleantech development firm. As project leader for..

Hans Keller

“It’s not about great ideas, it’s about making great things happen.” Hans has a passion for sustainable entrepreneurship and a great drive to help start-ups succeed. Excited by ideas with the potential to make the world a better place, he has specialized in innovation- and start-up funding with his company..

Nancy Bocken

Nancy is Associate Professor at TU Delft, Industrial Design Engineering. She was awarded the TU Delft Technology Fellowship to research in the areas of sustainable business models and design and innovation for a circular economy. In addition to her Associate Professorship, Nancy has a..

Aldert Hanemaaijer

“Moving towards a circular economy is not just about win win situations. Identifying trade-offs and vested interests is also crucial in the transition towards a circular economy.” As Program Coordinator at Planbureau Nederland (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) for the..

Diana de Graaf

“I enjoy investing my knowledge and experience to support companies to reach sustainability goals. Challenges that trigger me are circular economy, development of sustainable business models and using the potential of products to create a sustainable society.” Diana de Graaf is Senior Innovation within EY Cleantech..

 Joan Prummel

Joan Prummel believes in action and the power of one! Therefore he advises and supports public bodies and private companies about circular procurement, using their procurement to stimulate the circular economy. His approach is pragmatic: start with whatever topic or product you are..

Marcel van Hest 

Marcel van Hest works at Alliander, exploring and assessing the impact of new technologies on the affordability of and accessibility to sustainable energy. Societal challenges can be addressed by new technologies. It takes new types of partnerships to assure that they are beneficial for all.

Frank Berkers

”Rather effective than innovative. A sustainable business model is a constant dialogue between what you offer, how you make it  and its stakeholders.” Frank Berkers MSc is Senior Researcher at TNO Strategic Business Analysis dept. in The Hague. He joined TNO in 2008 and he has contributed with his view on business modeling to 400+ project..

Ton Bastein

 “Let us consider the circular economy not only as an end in itself, but always seek for connection with other issues, such as energy and the climate agenda.” Ton Bastein, is a PhD chemist, working since 1993 at TNO. Initially, he started as project-, program- and research manager in many areas (cleaning technology, nanotechnology, semiconductor technology..

Jan Willem Kanters

Jan Willem Kanters is an experienced econometrist, scenario-thinker and transition analyst. He has got a broad background in the development of smart software, models, BI and predictive analytics. His specializations encompass circular economy and renewable energy, which are two themes that are central to his work..

Mirjam van Laarhoven

“For me a circular economy is a solution to the climate and economic problems we see (or don’t yet see) around us. It is a solution which might actually work since we care about the world around us while we’re actually doing business. I believe it’s important to start with a positive business case before investing a lot in (re)designing circular products.”….