Ambitious entrepreneurs with innovative sustainable ideas who have already taken their first steps, can grow so much faster to create impact.

In the Get Business programme, entrepreneurs who have already made some flying hours will work intensively on developing their business to fast growth. The programme will help you:

  • Get from business model to a revenue of 250K
  • Create and measure maximum impact
  • Build a unique network of entrepreneurs and the best experts
    in circular economy
  • Focus on progress and accountability

With on demand programme– and expert sessions about sales, marketing and scaling up, circular support, peer to peer support and much more, you will be set for steady growth. The Get Business Programme is complemented with your needs. In return we ask your commitment during the programme.



Network of experts with a background in circular economy, business and fellow entrepreneurs who face the same similar building their business


Active coaching from our network of investors, experienced entrepreneurs and experts


Workshops on sales, marketing, scaling up, finance and investment

Accountability group sessions
Under the supervision of a mentor, you will focus on the challenges you are dealing with to scale up your business 

Circular Economy Support

CE support on demand with the right experts


  • You are an entrepreneur;
  • You have a drive to make the world a better place and have a circular business model or early stage startup to do so;
  • Your idea is innovative and unique;
  • You have the ambition and drive to turn it into something big (scale it!);
  • You are willing to work hard, learn, and implement the feedback you will get from your mentors

Do you recognise yourself in this? Apply now and GET BOOSTED!


The Get Business programme will challenge you to fast growth through: 

  • Four Masterclasses per year: focus on sales, marketing, investment and on demand subjects from you and your fellow participants.
  • Monthly Accountability Group Sessions: in smaller groups under the supervision of a mentor, you will focus on the challenges which are keeping you away from your goals. You will share your experiences, ideas and ambitions. The sessions are strictly confidential and are based on personal experiences and responsibility. The group is carefully composed. Other members of the group cannot be a relation of you or the branch you are in.
  • Create a Focusplan and stick to it: At the start of the programme, you will write down your ambitions and where you want your company to be in 3 years. With the help of a trainer you will translate these ambitions to a plan and matching action points per year, quartel, month, day etc. 
  • Peer to Peer Support:You will be connected to a fellow entrepreneur in the programme and provide each other with knowledge, experience and if necessary help each other on social or practical level.
  • Join a Unique Network of experts, investors and fellow entrepeneurs  you can contact on a regularly basis.


If you are interested in joining the programme, simply apply by using the form on this page. 

  • To start with the programme on October 14, apply before September 26

The year programme costs €600 (incl VAT) per person. SMO will give the first circular startups a 100 euros discount per person. This means the total costs for circular startups for a full year will be only €500 (incl VAT).

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“We can’t promise to make you the most successful enHendriktrepreneur in the world. But we can promise that if you use the options available at CE BOOSTER, you are way ahead of the competition. So get business, get out of your comfort zone, get out of the building and learn the most of this experience.”
Hendrik Halbe, director SMO