You have a brilliant idea for a better world – now what? Circular entrepreneurs have the future. But for many it is a challenge to turn their idea into a valuable business. In the Get Started program you will work on turning that idea in your head into a real business.

We will help you:

  • Design your circular business model
  • Get from idea to value proposition
  • Expand finance opportunities
  • Build a unique network of entrepreneurs and the best experts in the circular economy

Get Started is a ten-week programme that empowers ambitious starting entrepreneurs to turn their sustainable idea into a business which is worth pursuing. There really is only one way to learn to start and run a business, and that is by doing it.

So get started, get out of your comfort zone, get out of the building and learn the most of this experience.



Active mentoring from our network of investors, experienced entrepreneurs and experts

Inspiring Office

A desk at the ECE Campus, home to more than 50 innovative startups

Peer to peer support

A group of fellow entrepreneurs that you can learn from and work with.


Workshops on business modelling, lean startup methodology, pitching and more

Circular Economy Support

Additional workshops on subjects such as circular business models, value chains and a relevant network of sustainability experts


  • You are an entrepreneur or want to become one;
  • You have a drive to make the world a better place and have an idea or starting circular business model to do so;
  • Your idea is innovative and unique;
  • You have the ambition and drive to turn your idea into something big (scale it!);
  • You are willing to work hard, learn, and implement the feedback you will receive from your mentors.

Do you recognise yourself in this profile? Apply now and GET BOOSTED!


During the program, you will be supported by both our CE Booster team and that of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE). Each ‘Get Started’ batch consists of 10 to 15 startups, so you will not stand alone in your entrepreneurial journey. A part of this group will develop a ‘regular’ startup, and the other part (including you) will develop a circular startup. This means you can expand your network even further and learn from each other.

We meet every other Friday for a total of 5 times over 10 weeks. The morning programs will consist of with workshops on various topics. During the afternoons, you will sit down with a number of coaches to receive feedback on your plans and progress. It is also possible to get business or design support on specific subjects by our expert network.

During the program you will get your own spot at the inspiring ECE Campus in the Rotterdam Science Tower, as well as access to all their facilities and events. Furthermore, you will join a unique network of investors, mentors, experts and get peer-to-peer support of  fellow entrepreneurs, who face the same challenges building their sustainable business.


If you are interested in joining the programme, simply apply by using the form on this pagePlease tick to the optional circular track on the form. We will shoot you an email with the request to answer some questions. When we think that there is a possible match, we will invite you for a meeting to make the final decision. 

  • The application deadline for our first batch of 2017 (starting April 14) is March 19
  • The application deadline for our second batch of 2017 (starting May 12) is April 16

The 10 week programme costs €600 (incl VAT) per person. The workplace at the ECE Campus in the Rotterdam Science Tower is included in this price. SMO will support the first circular startups by giving them 50% discount. This means the total costs for circular startups for the full 10 week programme will be only €300 (incl VAT).

Questions? Shoot an email to