Ambitious circular startups that are already in business can scale-up way more to create huge impact and be a potential disruptive innovator.

In the Get Accelerated programme, entrepreneurs who have already set up their startup will work intensively on scaling up their business. The programme will help you:

  • Get from 250K to a revenue of one million euro in three years
  • Beat the obstacles that are in the way for scaling up
  • Build a unique network of entrepreneurs and the best experts in the circular economy


  • Business support on specific subjects such as strategy, people, finance and execution
  • A network of mentors with a background in sustainability and fellow entrepreneurs, who face the same challenges building their sustainable business
  • Peer-to-peer support to share learned lessons (strictly confidential) and get new inspiration


  • You are the CEO of a startup;
  • You have a drive to make the world a better place and have a circular startup which is ready to scale-up;
  • Your startup is innovative and unique; 
  • You have the ambition and drive to turn it into something big (scale it!) in three years and can accept the pain and risks of this process;
  • You are willing to work hard, learn, and implement the feedback you will get from your mentors.


The Get Accelerated programme will challenge you to scale-up. During the programme, you will be supported by both our CE Support team and that ofthe Accelerator Nederland. You will be in a group with startups of  the CE Booster and that of the Accelerator Nederland. This means you can expand your network even further and learn from each other.

About the programme:

Curriculum quarter sessions: focus will be on strategy, people, finance and execution under the supervision of a professional trainer. Experts from all over the world will be there to work with you on the theme.

Accountability group: in groups of five under the supervision of a mentor, you will focus on the challenges which are keeping you away from a million euro revenue. You will share your experiences, ideas and ambitions. The sessions are strictly confidential and are based on personal experiences and responsibility. The group is carefully composed. Other members of the group cannot be a relation of you or the branch you are in.

Mentorship Programme: in the second year you can join the Mentorship Programme. You will get in touch with an experienced entrepreneur who will support you with concrete challenges, developments and learnings. You will meet on a regular base.

Juridical helpdesk: for simple and frequently asked questions you can get support from one of our juridical advisers.