We believe we can transit faster to a circular economy

You have an idea

You have an idea, but did not launch it to the market yet.

You have a startup

You have a company and are doing <250k in revenue.

You have a business

You have a business and are doing >250k in revenue.


What can you expect?

A chance yo get the best out of your dream company and make an impact by intense mentorship, peer to peer support, relevant connections, workshops and an inspiring workplace.

CE Booster has three programmes, each specified for the stage you’re startup is in. Our CE Support Desk is there to help startups with acute questions and to support hubs and accelerator programmes to make their programmes more circular. Your own commitment and that of us at CE Booster will lead to great results


Three parties joined their forces in the CE Booster to make this mission become reality. We help startups on all levels to turn their ideas into a growing business, creating more impact.  So who are we?

First of all, we are SMO (Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming) – connecting corporations, the public sector, science and the new generation and serving as a think thank that accelerates the realization of societal ambitions. We do this by signalling and identifying issues which require a great deal of adaptability and an integral approach.

Second of all we are the platform Het Groene Brein – a national unique network of prominent scientists connected to Universities and Colleges for Higher Education. Together the network develops knowledge for the New Economy.

Third of all we are the Dutch Centers for Entrepreneurship, in particular the Erasmus Centre of Entrepreneurship – an entrepreneurial hub where tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs are getting inspired, educated and supported.

For a lot of entrepreneurs with sustainable ideas it is a challenge to acquire the knowledge and network that is necessary to boost their idea or business to the next level. By starting the CE Booster in the Netherlands, we can serve as a role model for the world. Let’s move to a global circular economy.